A bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at the office!


Kids Fishing Off the Wharf.

Big, small and whoppers. Great fun for the Kids Fishing of the Wharf tournament. Great effort guys. Smiles on all their faces.
Thank you Pauanui Village
Pauanui Classic Snapper Catch.
The seas were testing but the fisho’s went out to catch their big snapper. 
At weigh in they all come in with their chilly bins, big and small. Ever species was contested for. Lots of fishy stories but good times had by all. Congratulations to Thomas Morrison winning the average weight snapper and taking away the rubber duckie.
Thank you the Danske Mobler, Family Boats, Pauanui Gas and Pauanui Marine & Gas
Snapper 1st Josh James, 2nd Scott Porter, 3rd Brian James.
Kahawai 1st Paul Courtney, 2nd Josh James 3rd Craig Vare
Kingfish 1st Paul Courtney 2nd Craig Vare, 3rd Brian James
John Dory 1st Peter Millen 2nd Kerry Oxham 3rd Peter Millen
Tarakihi 1st Peter Millen 2nd Kerry Oxham 3rd Peter Millen
Trevally 1st Ella Height 2nd Simon Hewson 3rd Kelly Peters
Average weight snapper Thomas Morrison 

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Anniversary Big Snapper Catch

It was calm waters for the Pauanui Fishing and Boating Club Anniversary fishing tournament. The only rough part of the sea was the hundreds of boats out trying to catch a whopper and Peter Millen sure did with his 20lb snapper making him an elite member of the clubs 20lb Club. All other species were contested for with 2 ladies Alexis Chitty and Anne Hunter catching their first kingfish. Nice to see some fishing coming back to our waters. 



Kelly Peters. Top catch.  That is going to feed a few. 


Pauanui Classic Fishing 

Why is the fishing so tough this year. It could be the beautiful weather we have been having. Some angles managed to put a few in their bins.

Ladies Mad Hatter. 

It was tough but the ladies did well. Congratulations to all. To the ones that didn't catch a fish, just think they are growing bigger. 

Labour Weekend tournament 14

Pauanui turned on the beautiful weather over Labour Weekend for the Danske Mobler Big Catch Fishing tournament but the seas were very lumpy on the Saturday which kept a few on land. Fishing was really hard and the early birds did the best. Only 39 snapper weighed in telling us it was tough out there and only 2 of the species contested for being tarakihi and kahawai. Peter Millens luck started early in the season for him taking home $500 cash for his average weight snapper. Arthur Payze certainly had his day winning 3 of the top prizes in the prize pool. Trophy snapper, 3rd snapper and boat prize. 


Summer Fishing

Some fish are still swimming as it was tough going for the Big Snapper tournament. Weigh in saw some happy anglers that managed to catch a few.  

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Top Catches

Top catches for the Easter Fishing tournament 


Trophy Snapper Joanne Mc Cullough 5.856kg.

Average weight snapper Thomas Mc Cullough.

Mystery Weight Snapper Grant Mc Cullough.

Boat Prize Paul Barker boat 5 species.

Junior Boy Richard Grigg 2.065kg.

2nd snapper Scott Mc Cullough 5,705kg, 3rd Linda Millen 5.560kg, Scott Mc Cullough 5.395kg, 5th Robert Hosten 5.315kg, 6th Peter Millen 5.030kg.

1st Kahawai Alexis Chitty 2.385kg, 2nd Mike Newbury 2.335kg, 3rd Tim Cameron 2.310kg. 1st John Dory Alexis Chitty 1.920kg, 2nd Paul Barker 1.330kg, 3rd Peter Millen 1.065kg.

1st Tarakihi Jeremy Dunlop .665kg, Paul Barker .545kg, 3rd Mark Follas .535kg.

1st Trevally Paul Barker 1.510kg, 2nd Ross Barnett 1.460kg, 3rd James Santner 1.385kg, Members Draw Peter Erni.


Top catches weighed in at weigh in. Biggest snapper 7.635 Richard Grig


A great day on the water for the Family Boats Big Snapper Fishing. Fishing was tough but the fantastic water conditions made up for it all. Congratulations everybody that entered. As they say a bad  days fishing is better than a day in the office. 


Kids Fishing off the Wharf tournament Jan 14

Congratulations Sophie Mc Donald. Biggest fish overall. 



Kids did a great job trying to catch their whooper. 

 Pauanui Classic 2014

The snapper are back. Linda Millen had her day and today was it. 11.050kg snapper. Early angler caught the catch. 

Ladies Mad Hatter

The sea was a test for the Ladies Mad Hatter. Fish were few but fun was had by all.