Congratulations Graham Alexander on winning the Black Tee Crisp Trophy. This trophy is played over 5 rounds and the best of 3. The  cup was full up many times with rum and coke to help celebrate. 
Hello Pauanui golfers. A few brave souls battled the conditions this afternoon for the last qualifying of both the Presidents Trophies and the Men's Shootout. (There was one lady played as well, well done Karen). Attached is the final lists. If you are in the top 20 of the shootout and can not play on Sunday 5th November please let me know as soon as you can so we can organise the score charts. For the Presidents Trophies you just need to play on the day (Saturday 4th November). The winners will be from the list of qualifiers.
Hello Pauanui Golfers
Here is the results of the Peel Walker Trophy played Sunday of Labour Weekend:
1st Ken and Lyn Philp, 2nd Bruce Cameron and Noeline Dardy, 3rd Tuk Sheehan and Kay Maxwell.
Also the Ladies raffle donated by Karen Heaven was won by Paul Fahey.

  Pauanui golf championship winners.
Congratulations to all. 
Silver: Winner Shirley Smith, R/U Heather McConnell
Bronze I: Winner Judy McKenzie, R/U Karen Heaven
Bronze II: Winner Noeline Darby, R/U Dawn Williams
Bronze III: Winner Steph Meredith, R/U Kay Maxwell
Senior: Winner Nathan Smith, R/U Alan Brierley
Intermediate: Winner Oliver Leen, R/U Grant Leen
Junior A: Winner Bob Stokes, R/U Tony Cogan
Junior B: Winner Bernie Healey, R/U Bill Singer

Junior Club Champs results 
There were four participants. Nathan Smith, Will Best, Liam Jessop and Oliver Leen.
Winner: Nathan Smith, R/U Oliver Leen.


The girls on the Birdies trip at the tournament in Morrinsville.

The Presidents Pen, The 19th Hole, November 2017

Hi All,
Spring has sprung in the nick of time, allowing our green staff just enough time to get the course ready for the club champs. Well done Mark and Eugene. It wasn't looking good for fine weather until captain Colin gave his magic 0800 number a call. We certainly have had enough rain and still the water table is high. The champs got off to a flying start on the Friday with four boys competing for the Junior Championship. I was the witness to some stunning golf by all of them. There behaviour and sportsmanship was a delight to watch. They are all a credit to their parents. The winner with a round of gross 62 was Nathan Smith, a close second was Oliver Leen with a 66. Both Liam Jessup and Will Best did very well. Keep up the good work boys.

Two of the boys turned up the next day to play in the men's champs and continued their great form, Nathan Smith playing in the men's 36 hole final, and Oliver Leen in the Intermediate 36 hole final. Both were victorious, Nathan over Alan Brierley, and Oliver over his dad Grant. I expect Oliver's privileges were cut after this BIG win! A high standard of golf was displayed all weekend, and notably the last hole played in the men's semi-final when both players tee shots finished within a foot of the hole. Alan Brierley and Nigel Smith were the two in question. Bob Stokes was the winner of the Junior A, and Bernie Healey the Junior B winner. Our champion of champions team has taken on a complete new look. One thirteen year old, a fourteen year old, and Bob (not sure of the age), but I am sure he will inspire the boys on the day. Good Luck from all of us...

The ladies also had some great golf with some matches going the full distance. Well done to Shirley Smith the silver winner, Judy McKenzie, Bronze 1, Noeleen Darby, Bronze 2, Steph Meredith Bronze 3. All the best for your champions event.

The golfing calendar is coming to a close. Every cup and competition is almost complete. Presidents trophies, Black Tees Trophy, the shootout, and the Fedex Points Comp all but done. Considering the weather we have had it is a credit to you all for making sure your matches and competition days are complete.

Ken and his team have also been busy with a number of improvement projects. Some have been done and some nearing completion. The new putting green at the Lakes is looking great. The seeding and fertilizing along with some water and TLC has made this project a worthwhile exercise. Thanks to the Green staff for their assistant. A weather protection screen has also been installed at the Lakes Kiosk which has multiple functions, helping to read the computer screen just one of them. The new chipper has arrived and a demonstration proved very successful. We look forward to many hours work from this machine, turning our waste into mulch. Some large Pines have become very dangerous and hopefully over the next couple of weeks we will have them taken down.

Work will continue on the courses, by our volunteer group up to Xmas. Any assistance you can give will be appreciated, so if you call help contact Ken, Jimmy, or myself.

The Greens are in great shape, possibly the best in the Waikato, some visitors tell us. We will keep the length at 4mm over the hotter months, and the holiday period to ensure they are in great shape for the start of next season.

We will in the next couple of weeks commit our club to the 2018 rep season. Hopefully we can field competitive teams again. Gordon and Pop will be looking after team selections etc.

The 2018 programme is almost complete. Russell has already put a draft together and along with some new events the PSRC have added it looks like a full year of Fun.

Over the holiday period, we will be involved in a roster to man the Lakes Kiosk. Please give your time if and when you can. We want to make sure our holiday players Toe the Line.

I once asked my caddie for a sand wedge. He came back 20 minutes later with a Ham on Rye.

I see an Aussie says he has invented a game which closely resembles Golf. I thought, Oh yes, my husbands been playing that for years.

The championships were this year about young men we have here in Pauanui. We need to encourage them, so to get more younger players bring them along, both Boys and Girls. Happy golfing
President Doug. 

GOLF PROGRAM 2017 ➤     2017 Golf Program.pdf

Richardsons Real Estate Pauanui Open Golf Tournament

The Annual Richardsons Pauanui Open Golf Tournament was held on the 19th & 20th of May, organised by the Pauanui Golf Club entailing 36 holes of golf played over two days with over 100 men and women competitors, played over two separate courses.

It was a resounding success even though played in nothing less than extreme challenging weather conditions with gale force winds, rain, showers and a wind chill factor of about 5 - 6 degrees.

The women’s competition held on the Pines Course saw Shirley Smith edging it with a gross of 142 over Raewyn Bainbridge who scored 149 over the 36 holes.  The men’s competition held on the Lakes Course saw Alan Brierley prevail over Tuk Sheehan on the Dot Golf count back system after seeing both players post a gross of 150 over the 36 holes.

There were prizes for most competitors in various categories including Gross, Nett and Stableford and even a prize for the best dressed man and women.   The events main sponsors Neil and Heather Christie of Pauanui Richardsons Real Estate were on hand Saturday evening at the prizegiving to present winners their prizes.  The prize giving, held in the Pauanui Sports and Recretion Club was filled to capacity with competitors and their supporters and a wonderful night of camaraderie was enjoyed by all.

Tolich Trophy:

The boys battled all day in the wind and rain to raise the Tolich Cup above their heads  but were narrowly beaten 5 – 7.  It went down to the wire in the last match of the day.  An epic game by all accounts and a gallant fight.  All our guys played well but just couldn’t manage to pull a famous victory out of the bag.  Congratulations to all the boys down in the Waikato for the terrific journey they have taken us on and to especially to our President Doug Crisp for his dedication and commitment during this event.


3 October - Ladies 18 Hole Club Day - Net : Ros Robson  51, Shelley Bennett 56, Judy McKenzie 58.  NTP: Shirley Smith. 
4 October - Mens Club Day - Stableford : Bob Stokes 40, Bernie Healey 40, Hugh Masters 39. NTP: Doug Crisp and Hugh Masters 
5 October - Mixed 9 Hole Club Day - Stableford: Irene Shaw 22, Karen Fielding 18, Barbara Pope 17.
4 October - Mixed Club Day - Stableford: Ladies: Kath Fahey 54, Karen Heaven 57, Judy Mathieson 59. NTP: Karen Heaven. Men: Graham Alexander 55, Kerry Stackpole 56,
Doug Crisp 57. NTP: Doug Crisp 

26 September - Ladies 18 Hole Club Day - Stableford : Ros Robson 43, Dawn Williams 36, Susan Bolton 35. 
27 September - Mens Club Day - Stableford : Hugh Masters 41, Jim Buffet 39, Bob Stokes 39. NTP: Dennis Ebert and Colin Blythe 
21 September - Mixed 9 Hole Club Day - Rained off 
30 September - Mixed Club Day - Stableford: Ladies: Kay Maxwell 46, Ros Robson 40, Kath Fahey 40. NTP: Sue Bassett. Men: Russell Douglas 41,Colin Blythe 40, Bill Singer 39. NTP: Tony Boyce 

19 September - Ladies 18 Hole Club Day - Net: Shirley Smith 60, Ros Robson 63, Shelley Bennett 64. NTP:  Shirley Smith and Lyn Philp  
20 September - Mens Club Day - Black Tees Net: Ian Smith 58, Bob Stokes 58, Ray Verrall 59. NTP: Alan Brierley and Graham Alexander 
21 September  - Mixed 9 Hole Club Day - Rained off 
23 September - Mixed Club Day - Swing into Spring Cup Winners: Lyn and Ken Philp: Ladies: Karen Heaven 27, Kath Fahey 17, Sharon Verrall 11. NTP: Jo Somerville. Men: Tony Cogan 37, Ray Verrall 36, Ian Smith 36 NTP: Doug Crisp.

12 September - Ladies 18 Hole Club Day - Net: Ros Robson 56, Val Turvey 59, Heather McConnell 60. NTP: Val Turvey.
13 September - Men's Club Day - Net: Bob Stokes 56, John McConnell 61, Doug Crisp 61. NTP: John McConnell both pins.
14 September - Mixed 9 Hole Club Day - Stableford: Jo Connolly 21, Irene Shaw 19, Barbara Pope 18.
16 September Pauanui Club DB Gold Export Open Tournament - Gross / Net / Stableford: Mens Div 1: Gross: Graham Alexander, Net: Paul Petley, Stableford: Bruce Cameron. Div 2: Gross: Tuk Sheehan, Net: Don Smith, Stableford: Russ Somerville. NTP: Nigel Smith, Longest Drive: Peter Watson.  Ladies Div 1: Gross: Shirley Smith, Net: Kay Maxwell, Stableford: Karen Heaven.  Div 2: Gross: Kath Fahey, Net: Ros Robson, NTP: Judy McKenzie, Longest Drive: Shirley Smith

15  August - Ladies 18 Hole Club Day - Net: Elsie Rouse 55, Mary Evans 58, Marian Gunson 58. NTP: Shirley Smith.
16 August - Men's Club Day - Black Tees - Net :Doug Crisp 56, Alan Brierley 58, Bob Stokes 59. NTP:  Alan Brierley and Doug Crisp.
17 August - Mixed 9 Hole Club Day - Stableford: Jo Connolly 23, Daphne Jenner 20, Eileen Wallace 19. NTP: Graeme Brighouse.
19 August - Mixed Club Day - Rained off. 
22 August - Ladies 18 Hole Club Day - LGU: Judy McKenzie 62, Carolyn Wade 64, Kath Fahey 66. NTP: Noeleen Darby. 
23 August - Men's Club Day - Net: Bernie Healey 57, Andy Bolton 60, Ray Verrall 60. NTP: Graham Alexander and Rex Johnstone.
24 August - Mixed 9 Hole Club Day - Stableford. Barbara Williams 22, Eileen Wallace 22, Betty Ernie 18. NTP: Karen Fielding 
26 August - Mixed Club Day - Par/Bogey :Ladies: Kay Maxwell +2, Carolyn Wade +1. NTP: Karen Heaven. Men : Tony Boyce +4, Jim Buffet +1, Ken Philp -2. NTP: Bruce Cameron.
2 September - Mixed Club Day - Stableford: Ladies: Karen Heaven 30. NTP: Karen Heaven.  Men: John Robinson 34, Doug Crisp 32, Tony Boyce 31.  NTP: Ken Philp.

1 August - Ladies 18 Hole Club Day - Stableford : Bev Douglas 36, Shirley Smith 32, Carolyn Wade 32. NTP: Marian Gunson.
2 August - Men's Club Day - Stableford : Stephen Graham 38, Kerry Stackpole 38, Gordon Bennet 35. NTP: Graham Alexander and Doug Gooch.
3 August - Mixed 9 Hole Club Day - Rained Off.
5 August - Mixed Club Day - Stableford. Ladies: Kath Fahey 35, Jo Connolly 31, Kay Maxwell 30. NTP: Kay Maxwell. Men: Doug Crisp 41, Bernie Healey 35, Ian Mathieson 29. NTP: Ian Mathieson. 
8 August - Ladies 18 Hole Club Day - Stableford: Shelley Bennett 40, Carolyn Wade 34. NTP: Shirley Smith
9 August - Men's Club Day -  Rained Off.
10 August - Mixed 9 Hole Club Day - Net and Putting. Net: Eileen Wallace 27, Irene Shaw 28, Graeme Brighouse 28. Putting: Betty Erni 14. NTP: Irene Shaw.
12 August - Mixed Club Day - Net: Ladies: Val Turvey 56, Kath Fahey 57, Carolyn Wade 62. NTP: Karen Heaven. Men : Doug Crisp 58, Dennis Ebert 61, Jim Buffett 61. NTP: Doug Crisp.
27 June - Ladies 18 Hole Club Day - Net:  Div 1 - Steph Meredith 56, Shirley Smith 59, Dawn William 66. NTP: Judy McKenzie. Div 2 - Carolyn Wade 62, Lyn Philp 65, Jane Masters 68. NTP Lyn Philp.

28 June - Men's Club Day - Stableford: Bob Kayser 38, Tony Boyce 38, Doug Gooch 35, Allan Brierley 35, John Courtney 35. NTP: Doug Gooch.
29 June - Mixed 9 Hole Club Day -  Stableford .Hidden Holes . Betty Erni 6, John Shaw 6, Barbara Williams 6. NTP: Graeme Brighouse.  
01 July  - Mens Club Day - Rained Off.

20 June - Ladies 18 Hole Club Day - Rained Off.
21 June - Men's Club Day - Net: Ken Philp 57, Bob Stokes 59, Paul Sheenen 59, NTP: Doug Crisp and David Evans.
22 June - Mixed 9 Hole Club Day - Rained Off.
24 June - Mixed Club Day - Stableford.  Ladies: No entries. Men : Kerry Stackpole 38, Ray Verrall 36, Ken Philp 36. NTP: Ray Verrall and Kerry Stackpole.

13 June - Ladies 18 Hole Club Day - Stableford : Steph Meredith 33, Shelley Bennett 29 . NTP: Ros Robson.
14 June - Men's Club Day - Net: Congratulations Bob Kayser for a Hole in One!! Tony Boyce 54, Ken Philp 54, Kerry Stackpole 54. NTP: Ken Philp and Bob Kayser.
15 June - Mixed 9 Hole Club Day -  Drawn Partners: Barbara Williams/Jim  McPherson,  Barbara Pope /John Shaw,  Karen Fielding/Anne Marshall. NTP: Prue Bailey.  
17 June - Mixed Club Day - Stableford. Ladies: Judy McKenzie 36, Dawn Williams 34.  NTP: Nil. Men: Alan Brierley 39, Andy Bolton 38, Kerry Stackpole 36. NTP: Bill Singer.


Club member Wendy getting a hole in 1 today at Omanu Golf Club

Congratulations ladies.  Fun times on the golf course. 
Bronze 1 Karen Heaven
Bronze 2 Heather McConnell
Bronze 3 Steph Meredith

2017 Golf Program:

▶︎ 2017 Golf Program.pdf





Doug Crisp
07 864 7723 / 027 433 3374


Andy Bolton
022 162 0228


club Captain:

Colin Blythe                  864 8570



Russell Douglas      864 9949 / 021 263 2337



Bert Cullen               864 9151 / 021 447 024


Adrian (Pop) Taipari    864 9474 / 027 271 7060   


Ken Philp                864 9484 / 027 498 8729

Jane Masters              021 320 991

Chris Saunders           021 272 5622

Gordon Bennett           864 9262

Junior Convenor:

Doug Crisp


Vets Convenor:

Adrian (Pop) Taipari 

Greens Committee Convenor:

Ken Philp


Doug Crisp

Women's 18 Hole Committee 2017:

Carolyn Wade

Jane Masters


Heather Buffett

Pennants Convenor:
Heather McConnell


Shelley Bennett


Wendy Hooper

Steph Meredith

Lyn Philip

Bev Douglas

Woman's 9 Hole Committee 2016:


Prue Bailey


Betty Erni, 
Jill Johnstone, 
Karen Fielding, 
Barbara Williams, 
Allison Earle, 
Sue Cutfield 

Golf Club Days:

Womens 18 Hole Club Day - Tuesdays 9.15am

Womens 9 Hole Club Day - Thursdays 9.15am

Mens Club Day - Wednesdays 12.30pm


Pauanui Golf Shop for Course Information

Ph: 07 864 8695 ext: 712