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Presidents Pen, The 19th Hole May 2017

What a great month.  Gold, Silver, Dull Bronze! We have had some wonderful results and not only in golf.

One of our lady golfers won GOLD in her division at the World Masters Games held in Auckland during April.  Congratulations to Lorelle Meyer.  What a great effort on your part.  You have done yourself and the Pauanui Club proud.

A Silver medal was also won at the same games by John and Heather McConnell, not in golf but in bowls, just to show our multi talents.

The lady golfers have won Silver in the Thames Valley Association Pennants, so well done Wendy and the girls.

Not to be outdone, the men won Silver in the Handicap Match Play Pennants, and a second Silver by finishing runners up in the Waikato Tollich Cup.  This was a very close final with five of the 12 matches going down the 18th hole.  Unfortunately we needed just to win two of those to come out on top, nevertheless a great experience for all of the team.  There were some great performances over the season.  A special thank you to Kevin Ashworth, who was unbeaten for the season, and our fourteen year old Oliver Leen who had only two defeats all season. He performed well above his years winning against much more experienced men.  We look forward to Oliver being available for many years to come.  He has formed a very winning combination with Kevin in the foursomes matches.

Last but not least, a Bronze for our vets representative team.  They finished better than previous seasons, and are looking forward to even better things next season.

The players, both men and women, have performed with pride over the pennant season this year.  We have made an impression on both Waikato and Bay of Plenty golf association as we have been considered easy beats in the past.  Not so anymore! I personally thank you all.  I am an extremely proud President to see our players do that well.  Thank you Gordon, Pop, and Tony for going the extra mile to put our best teams forward.

As most of you are aware the Lakes course has been closed for several weeks.  This was necessary as the water table had become that high, our normally good drainage, simply didn't cope at all, forming lakes on the course in several places.  After much work by both the green staff and our volunteer group ,we have managed to get it back to a stage where it is playable.  We are hopeful the course will be in great shape for the Richardsons tournament on the 19 & 20th.  Entry forms and calcutta tickets are available from the golf shop.

A number of events have had to be rescheduled or moved, so please be aware of this, so as not to miss out on the venue or date for a particular event.

We could use the benefits of some more sponsorship for the tournament; prizes, donations, whatever you can do to help would be appreciated.

Sex and Golf are the two things you can enjoy even if youre not good at them.  A very famous American actor said this.  Who was it?

The lady golfer was determined, if not a very proficient player.  At each swipe she made at the ball the earth flew in all directions. “Gracious me” she exclaimed red-faced to her caddie, “the worms will think there's an earthquake,” “I don't Know” replied the caddie. “the worms round here are very clever.  I’ll bet most of them are hiding underneath the ball for safety.”

President Doug. 

Tolich Trophy:

The boys battled all day in the wind and rain to raise the Tolich Cup above their heads  but were narrowly beaten 5 – 7.  It went down to the wire in the last match of the day.  An epic game by all accounts and a gallant fight. All our guys played well but just couldn’t manage to pull a famous victory out of the bag.  Congratulations to all the boys down in the Waikato for the terrific journey they have taken us on and to especially to our President Doug Crisp for his dedication and commitment during this event.


 23 May - Ladies 18 Hole Club Day - Nancy McCormack Foursomes 36 Holes - Stephanie Meredith/Heather Christie 116, Lynn Philp/Bev Douglas 120, Dawn Williams/Val Turvey 121.
 24 May - Men's Club Day - Borlase Cup Rnd 3 Net - Bill Singer 56, Kerry Stackpole 56, Alan Brierley 58.  NTP: Alan Brierley and Bernie Healey.
 25 May - Mixed 9 Hole Club Day - Stableford : Val Turvey 17, John Shaw 15, Graeme Brighouse 14. NTP: Val Turvey.
 27 May - Mixed Club Day - Rained off

16 May - Ladies 18 Hole Club Day - Net and Putting: Div: Heather McConnell 60, Shelley Bennett 63, Judy McKenzie 64. NTP: Shirley Smith. Div 2: Sue Bolton 63, Colleen Witt 71, Carolyn Whitehead 71. Putting: Shirley Smith
10 May - Men's Club Day - Rained Off 
18 May  - Mixed 9 Hole Club Day - Net: Barbara Pope 28, Barbara Williams 31, Sue Cutfield 33
19/20 May - Richardsons Real Estate Pauanui Open Tournament - Gross/Net/Stableford. Men: Gross - Alan Brierley 150, Tuk Sheehan 150, Ike Ashworth 151. Net - Geoff Jewitt 122, Keith Lawson 122, Mike Smith 125. Stableford - Geoff Jewitt 70, Keith Lawson 67, Mike Smith 66. Ladies: Gross - Shirley Smith 142, Raewyn Bainbridge 149, Natalie Hoskin 152. Net - Raewyn Bainbridge 117, Jenny Forster 121, Shirley Smith 122.  Stableford - Raewyn Bainbridge 75, Jenny Forster 73, Shirley Smith 70.

9 May - Ladies 18 Hole Club Day - Net: Div: Val Turvey 65, Shirley Smith 69, Sue Bolton 71. NTP: Kath Fahey. Div 2: Heather Christie 61, Cushla Peers 67, Lyn Philp 71. NTP: Heather Christie
10 May - Men's Club Day - Stableford: David Evans 37, Alan Brierley 36, Paul Fahey 36. NTP: Chris Saunders and Peter Watson 
11 May - Mixed 9 Hole Club Day - Rained Off 
13 May - Mixed Club Day - Net/Shootout: Ladies: Kay Maxwell 59, Heather McConnell 59, Carolyn Wade 63. NTP: Kay Maxwell. Men: Ray Verrall 53, Chris Saunders 56, Bill Singer 56. NTP: John Robinson

2 May - Ladies 18 Hole Club Day - Stableford: Shirley Smith 32, Gill Ward 30. NTP: Shirley Smith
3 May - Men's Club Day - Stableford: Tony Watson 38, Bert Cullen 35, Don Smith 34. NTP:  Alan Brierley and Jim McCleery 
4 May - Mixed 9 Hole Club Day - Stableford: Eileen Wallace 19, Betty Erni 19, Karen Fielding 16. NTP: Barbara Pope
6 May - Mixed Club Day - Stableford : Ladies: Judy Mathieson 35, Kay Maxwell 35, Karen Heaven 33. Men: Bert Cullen 39, Bill Singer 38, Tony Cogan 37.  NTP Ladies: Kay Maxwell, Men: Chris Saunders

25 April - Ladies 18 Hole Club Day - Net and Putting : Noeleen Darby 60, Shirley Smith and Val Turvey 62, Kath Fahey 63. NTP: Shirley Smith. Putting: Kath Fahey and Val Turvey 

26 April - Men's Club Day - Black Tees Net:  David Evans and Dave Clark 57, Doug Crisp and Bob Stokes 58, Andy Bolton 59. NTP: Andy Bolton and Pop Taipari
27 April - Mixed 9 Hole Club Day - Net: Suzanne Cutfield/Val Turvey 28, Anne Marshall/Barbara Williams/Jo Connolly/Karen Fielding 29. NTP: Karen Fielding
22 April - Mixed Club Day - Stableford - Rained off

Our Pennants team of Graham Alexander, Alan Brierley, Jeff Shortt, Denis Ebert, Kevin Ashworth, Chris Saunders, Ken Philp and Oliver Leen beat Mercury Bay 9-3 to win the second round of the Tolich Trophy (I think this is the best we have ever achieved as this is a knockout competition).
Our Vets team of Bob Stokes, Tony Cogan, Bob Haworth, Ray Verrall, Doug Crisp and Tony Boyce beat Lakes Resort by 10 points to put them in 8th position overall.
Well done Pauanui!


18  April - Ladies 18 Hole Club Day - Net: Kath Fahey 54, Noeleen Darby 54, Heather Connell 58, Elsie Rouse 62. NTP: Jane Masters
19 April - Mens Club Day - 2nd Round Borlase Cup - Net: Graham Alexander 54, Ray Verrall 57, Colin Blythe 59. NTP: David Evans and Colin Blythe 
20 April - Mixed 9 Hole Club Day - Karen Fielding 24, Jo Connolly 23, Betty Erni 22. NTP: Karen Fielding
22 April - Mixed Club Day - Stableford - Ladies: Jo Connolly 42, Judy McKenzie 32, Kay Maxwell 31. NTP: Judy McKenzie.  Men: John McKenzie 38, Andy Bolton 38, Ian Smith 36. NTP: Ian Smith

11 April - Ladies 18 Hole Club Day - rained off
12 April - Mens Club Day - cycloned off
13 April - Mixed 9 Hole Club Day - rained off 
16 April - Mixed Club Day - O'Brien Cup (Canadian Foursomes Net) Cup winners Lorelle and Bob Meyer 52, Ray and Sharon Verrall 55.5, Kay Maxwell and Tuk Sheehan 56.5. Men NTP: Carlo Busson. 

4 April - Ladies 18 Hole Club Day - rained off
5 April - Mens Club Day - rained off
6 April - Mixed 9 Hole Club Day - Net/Putting: Net - Sheila Burke 27, Shona Knight 28, Graeme Brighouse 30. Putting - Shona Knight/Jo Connolly 15 
April - Mixed Club Day Stableford: Men - Ken Philp 42, Bob Stokes 41, Ross McKenzie 39, NTP: Ken Philp. Ladies: Kay Maxwell 39, Noeleen Darby 37, Heather McConnell 33, NTP: Noeleen Darby 

Club member Wendy getting a hole in 1 today at Omanu Golf Club

Congratulations ladies. Fun times on the golf course. 
Bronze 1 Karen Heaven
Bronze 2 Heather McConnell
Bronze 3 Steph Meredith

2017 Golf Program:

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Doug Crisp                  864 7723 / 027 433 3374


Andy Bolton                  022 162 0228


club Captain:

Colin Blythe                  864 8570



Russell Douglas          864 9949 / 021 263 2337



Bert Cullen                  864 9151 / 021 447 024


Adrian (Pop) Taipari    864 9474 / 027 271 7060   


Ken Philp                     864 9484 / 027 498 8729

Jane Masters              021 320 991

Chris Saunders           021 272 5622

Gordon Bennett           864 9262

Junior Convenor:

Doug Crisp


Vets Convenor:

Adrian (Pop) Taipari 

Greens Committee Convenor:

Ken Philp


Doug Crisp

Women's 18 Hole Committee 2017:

Woman's Captain:   
Carolyn Wade


Jane Masters



Heather Buffett

Pennants Convenor:

Heather McConnell


Shelley Bennett


Wendy Hooper

Steph Meredith

Lyn Philip

Bev Douglas

Woman's 9 Hole Committee 2016:


Prue Bailey


Betty Erni, 
Jill Johnstone, 
Karen Fielding, 
Barbara Williams, 
Allison Earle, 
Sue Cutfield 

Golf Club Days:

Womens 18 Hole Club Day - Tuesdays 9.15am

Womens 9 Hole Club Day - Thursdays 9.15am

Mens Club Day - Wednesdays 12.30pm


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