King of the Road 2014

This year's King of the Road is Alex Heaney!!!!


Juniors: 1st- Ben Hamilton (35.31), 2nd- Logan Spaans (37.00)

Veteran Women: 1st Nicky Morse (42.07), 2nd Petra Creighton (42.52)

Veteran Men: 1st Robin Heaney (32.29), 2nd Alun Marshall (32.41)

Open Women: 1st Nathalie Tolvers (47.46)

Open Men: 1st Alex Heaney (28.24), 2nd Brian O Hara (39.42)

Mountain Bike: 1st Ashley des Landes (36.24), 2nd Glen Clark (41.11)

2013 King of the Road

January 4th

30 keen bike riders took to the road for the King of the Road in brisk morning conditions.


Junior Girls - 1st: Issy Coombes (37.56)

Junior Boys- 2nd: Marcus Heron (37.16)

Masters Women- 1st- Nicky Morse (42.11)

Masters Men - 1st- Robin Heaney (32.54)

Open- 1st- Alex Heaney (29.28)

Mountain Bike- 1st- Mark Fewtrell (50.27)