Pauanui Triathlon 2013- 31st Dec.

The Entry Form is on line and ready to download - click here to get your copy. Don't forget to bring it with you to the event.

Junior Girls: 1st Katherine Coombes (53.29), 2nd Hayley Marx (54.38), 3rd Alexia Bingley (58.21)
Junor Boys: 1- Matteo Pandolfo(53.55), 2-Josh Nichol(57.11), 3- Jacob Gordon(61.41)
Veteran Women: 1-Nicola Sproule (49.05);2-Toni Walker(51.53); 3-Nina Veal (61.15)
Veteran Men: 1st Alan Faulconbridge (44.49), Paul Bowskill (45.20), Alun Marshall (45.47)
Open Women: 1-Lynn Hodgkinson(43.19); 2-Liana Costello(45.24); 3- Issy Coombes(45.42)
Open Men: 1- Andy Grainger(42.40); 2-Leighton Hunt(43.03); 3-Mike Van Kampen(44.05)
Triathlon Teams: 
1st McDonnelly (38:57)
2nd Kuegler/Milne (39:55)
3rd The GCK's (41:52)

Pauanui Duathlon 2013, 31st Dec.

This year we are running a Duathlon in conjunction with the triathlon. So everyone can get involved. Download the entry form here.
Junior: 1st Brodie Fletcher (45:42)
Open Women: 1st Mandy Alexander(51.09), 2nd Victoria Coleman (52.23), 3rd Nicky Morse (53.57)
Open Men: 1st Daryl Hughes (44.19), 2nd Les Fox (49.54), 3rd Robin Pinner (53.04)

Pauanui TRIATHLON 2012

Congratulations to all the entered! 


Vet Men:

1st- Rob Hamiltonm

2nd- Matt Norwell

3rd - Mark McDowell

Vet Women

1st- Nicola Sproule

2nd-Lorene Smith

3rd- Nicole Campbell

Open Men

1st- Owen Miller

2nd- Michael Crisford

3rd- Nick Smeeton

Open Women

1st- Liana Costello

2nd-Rebecca Bellingham

3rd- Lauren Bracken

Junior Men

1st- Jeremy Shaw

2nd- Ben Hamilton

3rd- Matt Hamilton

Junior Women

1st-Issy Coombes

2nd- Verity Taylor

3rd- Gina Murphy


1st- Pro & Pretender

2nd- Young & Ruthless

3rd- Cuzzie Bros

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