Walking Group

The Walking Group meets every Tuesday at 8.30am outside Richardsons Real Estate (at the main shops).  Walks are varied with a different leader each time and generally last for about 1 hour.  All levels of fitness are catered for.  The walks end at the Pauanui Club where everyone relaxes over great coffee and a chat.

If anyone requires any more information then can phone Chris 864 8887.


                 Tramping Group

The Tramping Group meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 9.00am at the Pauanui Golf Club carpark.


Mountain Trekking Group

The Mountain Trekking Group meet every Wednesday and Saturday at 8.00am by the South End (beach) toilet block.



Pauanui trampers ready to begin the Waitawheta tramway walk.

 On Wednesday 8th May 26 people travelled from Pauanui through the Karangahake Gorge, past the Owharo Falls and met at the end of Franklin Road to begin the walk up the Waitawheta Tramway.

We split into two groups with the first group walking up to the Doc hut for lunch while the others were only going as far as the last bridge.

The gorge is spectacular with its100m high cliffs, rushing water and huge boulders.

The tramway was constructed between 1896 and 1910 by the Kauri Timber company and the Waihi Mining company.

 The river was crossed in six places and the concrete footings of the bridges are easy to see from the new swing bridges that now enable trampers to access the forest park.

Many old sleepers  are still abundant on the well formed track.

There are some excellent information boards along with an old bogey with the remains of a huge kauri log on it.

The vegetation along the river includes groves of lush ferns  and small stands of kauri and rimu.

On finishing the walk the second group drove to The Falls Café for well earned coffees.

A very pleasant walk on a fine day with a great group of people.


Pauanui Tramping Club  Rotorua Trip


The first away trip for the tramping club was held in Rotorua in the second week in April.

We met in the redwood forest to do a short walk on the Monday afternoon before arriving at our accommodation at the Redwood Retreat (a bookabach house) in Tihiotonga.

Sixteen people were staying there and that evening the rest of the party joined us for dinner. A total of 34 which included 8 staying in campers and 10 in motels.

Unfortunately our trip coincided with the storm that did so much damage throughout the country. On Tuesday as the forecast was not good we did a walk around the Blue Lake and after coffee everyone dispersed to do their own thing for the afternoon.

Wednesday morning was wet and 4 degrees but being a hardy lot 22 of us met at the Landing on the shores of Lake Tarawera to walk to Hot Water Beach.

We broke into two groups with the younger, fitter ones leading the way.

After a while the rain eased and we had a good view of Mount Tarawera with a heavy dumping of snow on it. No wonder it was so cold!

The track is well kept with good views of the lake as it winds up and down hills through some lovely native bush.

The first group went on to Hot Water Beach but the rest of us stopped for lunch before heading to a man made hot pool near the lake edge. We were all quite cold so we quickly got into the pool. The warmth was amazing and we relaxed there until the other group arrived and got  into the pool.

They had been able to get the water taxi to come early as they were all extremely cold. There is no pool at Hot Water Beach 

just patches of hot water  on the shore.

The water taxi people  were really helpful and took us all back to the Landing.

On the last day we did two short walks at Lake Okataina.

A great trip with a great group of people.


 March get together

March outing was a lovely fine morning so a group of 22 people drove to the camp ground in the Wentworth Valley to walk to the falls.

 Wide, metalled and well marked the track climbs gradually up hill to the base of the falls.  Near the falls a metalled track leads off to the right to a viewing platform.

 The 50 metre falls were quite spectacular after the weekend’s heavy rainfall.

We then continued on to the top of the falls but the view of the falls was limited.

 We retraced our steps and ate our lunches in the campground before stopping for coffees in Whangamata.

February get Together

 On February 14th  21 trampers met to do the Red Bridge Road tramp. It was great to see several new faces and we hope you will join us again.

The track climbs to the top of a ridge to a lookout across to Pauanui before going down through regenerating bush to a crystal clear pool. A large layer of cloud was sitting on the top of Mount Pauanui as it has often done this summer.

We then drove down to Tairua and did the new Pepe Loop Track. This follows the estuary and golf course before it crosses a new bridge. The last part of the walk is beside the road back to the start.

Each track took about an hour so we had an early lunch beside the playground in Tairua.

 Our next tramp is on 14th March to the Wentworth Falls.

A group of 24 trampers turned out for our last tramp of the year  to Opoutere  on Wednesday 13th December. 
The track up  Maungaruawhine Pa  starts beside the YHA hostel  
and winds its way past a stand of several magnificent  pohutukawa trees.
The view from the top to Slipper Island, the Aldermans and the Wharekawa harbour 
was well worth the climb.
We returned to our cars and then walked through the forest track to where the dotterels are nesting
on the end of the spit. A couple of oyster catchers took exception to our presence and squawked loudly.
We walked back along the beach to our cars.
We gathered at the southern end of Pauanui Beach in the evening for our annual barbecue.

                 Morning tea by the reservoir at the top of Woody Hill.                                                                                                                                                           

On Wednesday 13th September 13 Pauanui Tramping Club members clambered over, under or through the gate on Highway 25 to begin the walk up Woody Hill.
For a change it was a fine day with patches of blue sky that increased in size as the walk continued. There is a  reservoir near the top that could be used for  fighting forest fires if needed. We stopped here for morning tea and to admire the view that encompassed Pauanui, Paku, Slipper Island and the Aldermans.
No one felt inclined to bush bash through the last hundred metres to the very top of the hill so we began our descent back to our cars.
The walk was 10 kilometres on forestry roads.
Walking group on their Monday walk. ▼🚶
Pauanui Tramping Club trip to the Karangahake Historic Walkway on 12th July

We parked  at the Crown Battery car park at the northern end of the Karangahake Gorge
and as the weather was quite cool we decided to walk along the track beside the river.
The track follows the route of the old Paeroa to Waihi railway line, which linked the main miniing
centres of the gorge.
We stopped at the Victoria Battery remains before going on to the cafe at the Waikino Railway 
station for lunch. There was an open fire burning in the grate, especially welcome as there was 
a heavy shower of rain as we ate our lunches.
On the way back we walked down through the old railway tunnel which is now well lit.
It was then over the bridge and back to the cars and off for cake and coffee at The Refinery in Paeroa!
Our June tramp started in the forestry block behind  Gary and Anne Fowler’s place.
We walked along forestry roads round the back of Lakes Resort to the top of Duck Creek Hill
before walking down the road to the Hikuai end of the cycle/walkway trail.
 The day was warm and sunny and  Reflection Point  was the perfect place to stop for lunch.
From there the group walked back into Pauanui.

Wednesday 15th March
As a result of the bad weather the previous week the tramp down Lynch Stream was put on hold. Instead we met at Sailor’s Grave on a beautiful 
The track climbs over a headland then along  a sandy beach before climbing over another headland to Otara Bay.
We had a brief stop there and then retraced our steps.
The tide was full in, the views were amazing and the track in good condition considering the recent storm.

Pauanui Cycle Group.

🚴The Pauanui biking group has had two very pleasant day trips recently.

The first was up to Whitianga . We parked at Ferry Landing and took the ferry over to the Whitianga wharf where the cycle and walking trail starts up to Brophy’s Beach.

It was a leisurely ride in stunning weather and we returned to the start and continued along the harbours edge to the start of the canals. From there rode around the canals and back to the wharf for a lovely lunch. Not a long ride but very pleasant.

 Last week we drove to Kopu parked this side of the bridge and rode on part of the new trail to the Bugger Cafe. Another stunning day and an interesting and easy ride.

A distance of about 24k’s by the time we got back to the bridge. We look forward to riding to Miranda when the rest of the trail is opened.

🚴At the end of February 14 of the Pauanui cycle group travelled north to bike the Twin Coast Cycle Trail from Horeke to Opua. We based ourselves in Kaikoke for 2 nights which was ideal.

On the first day of the trail we were transported with our bikes to Horeke where we started our day’s ride. Our lunch stop was Okaihau after 24 k’s and did we need it ? The route was mainly uphill and the last hill of over 1.5 k’s we all walked up.  From then on it was a lovely slightly down hill ride back to Kaikohe.

The second day was wonderful – mostly flat although it was a long ride to lunch {33k’s} which we enjoyed at the historic railway cafe in Kawakawa.  Kawakawa to Opua was a very easy 11k’s and we all felt a great sense of achievement of having completed what we set out to do.

Our thanks go to Alan and Ian for being our support vehicle and picking up the lost and the tired, and to Joan and Barbara for their company and encouragement.

I would advise anyone contemplating this ride to consider doing it in the opposite direction, especially the Horeke to Kaikohe section. I would really recommend this trail as it was a beautiful ride made even more enjoyable by the company of friends.

February Tramp

On Wednesday 8th February  fifteen people travelled to the end of Puketui Road to tramp up to Collins Drive. 
The track goes along the old water race and passes through three tunnels before climbing steadily uphill.
We went into an old mine shaft along the way that clearly showed the work entailed in the effort the old miners
went to to find gold. Parts of this shaft have been boarded up but it is well worth a look.

We continued on to the entrance to Collins Drive which goes 500 metres through the hill. A lot of work has gone into
making an all weather rubber path through the mine. Torches were needed as part way through, the tunnel takes a bend.
On reaching the other side we set off to climb up to a lookout where there were good views out to Pauanui.
We continued on down a steep descent and back to the DOC camp ground for lunch.
Two brave souls had a swim but unfortunately the river was fairly shallow.

It was the first time that ten of the group had done this walk.

Our tramp in November was the picturesque and historical Windows Walk in the Karangahake Gorge.
We crossed over the swing bridge after we left the car park and climbed up to the start of the tunnel that was
hued out of the cliffs to make access for a tramline.
After ensuring that everyone had a torch we entered the tunnel and proceeded through, stopping to look down 
through the windows on the river below. These windows were created to provide ventilation and somewhere to dump the spoil from.
The track runs beside the river  through regenerating bush. 

We continued on up the track to a 200 metre pipeline tunnel that runs through to Dickies Flat. This tunnel was low (some bruised heads) with
an uneven rocky floor and ran slightly uphill.

After lunch at Dickies Flat we returned the same way and were disappointed that the track opposite the Windows is still closed.
This is such a pleasant walk on such a beautiful day.

Photos: top left  crossing a swing bridge. Top right: a peaceful scene near the pipeline tunnel. Below left: Cathy Bush, Lynette Sphitzer, Judy McKenzie.

The last tramp of the year on December 14th is to the Blow Hole at Hahei Beach. This will be followed by our Christmas barbecue at the southern end of Pauanui Beach.

The Pauanui tramping club’s second away trip for the year was spent at Aongatete Educational Lodge. The lodge is at the end of Wright Road, south of Katikati.

Twenty two members left Pauanui and travelled to the end of Lindeman Road which is just north of Katikati to walk the Lindeman track.

The track winds gently uphill through attractive regenerating bush. After two hours we realised we did not have time to complete the walk so retraced our steps. The lodge, nestled beside the bush sleeps 90 people so we were able to spread out.

On day 2 we walked from the lodge. Some people did a 3 hour loop through attractive native bush and others chose the 1 hour loop. The track was well defined and just a little muddy after all the rain. That night we dined at Forte Eliza where the meals were large and very tasty. There is the most amazing doll collection that can be viewed on request with donations going to canteen.

On day 3 we drove to the end of Hot Springs Road to do a 6 hour tramp. The walk begins on the Tuahu track which is a gradual, well benched climb to the saddle where it meets the North South track across the Kaimais. On the way up we detoured to the Tuahu big kauri.Very impressive. The track from here to the Te Rereatukahia hut climbs steadily with many ups and downs. The track is narrow

and after all the rain quite muddy. We had lunch at the hut and then began the walk back down. About an hour from the end of the track there is a magnificent grove of kauri trees which are probably the best to be seen in the Kaimais.

After crossing the rather deep Te Rereatukahai stream we arrived back at the start.

Friday morning everyone was up early and we were ready to head for home by 9 a m after tidying up the lodge.

A very enjoyable three days away and no rain! 


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