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Alert Level 3 for Golf – Specific Operational Guidance

At Alert Level Three, limited playing of golf can be undertaken.  Whether a golf course opens for play is entirely decision for each golf course to make.

Exercise and recreation is an important part of maintaining our health and wellbeing however we must continue to be aware the playing of golf presents a very high risk of transmission if we come into contact with others, use or touch common equipment or surfaces, or need rescuing or medical care.
The most important principle is to stay safe and to stay physically distant from people outside of your bubble.  The health, safety and wellbeing of your staff, members, golf participants and the wider community is of paramount importance.
Golf can therefore be played at Alert Level 3 so long as it does not involve interacting with other people outside of your bubble.

If your decide to open your course for play, you must do so under the following operational guidelines:

  1. A COVID-19 safety plan must be in place, including risk controls for any staff that may be on site (see note below).
  2. Players must adhere to regional travel restrictions.  Players can only travel within their region, and across a regional boundary if it is in their local area.
  3. All players must be registered to enable contract tracing if required (see New Zealand Golf’s earlier guidance on contract tracing templates and our mobile app technology to support).
  4. Golf courses must be able to control access to the facility and advanced tee booking procedures must be in place (online, phone, text etc).  This is to ensure there is no opportunity for players to congregate.
  5. Golfers must arrive ready to play and leave the facility immediately after play.
  6. Play is only possible for those playing alone or playing with others from within their bubble.  Do not arrange to meet anyone else to play.
  7. At risk players (such as those over 70) may need to take extra measures to protect themselves.  The Ministry of Health are developing further guidelines for at risk groups.
  8. All clubhouse, pro shop, changing room, toilets and any other facility at the golf course must be closed to players and visitors (only available to be accessed and used by essential staff on site).
  9. If retail, merchandise or takeaway food and beverages are to be provided, purchase and delivery must be completely contactless and observe 2 metre distancing.  Players cannot enter premises.
  10. Scorecards cannot be physically issued prior to play nor returned after play.  No scores will be accepted by the NZG handicapping system at Alert Level 3.
  11. An appropriate interval between tee times must be observed to ensure distancing between groups is maintained.  A 6 minute interval between solo players is recommended.  An interval of 10 minutes between groups that have two of more players is recommended.  Golf courses might like to consider specific times of each day for groups of different sizes.
  12. Players must maintain a minimum distance of at least two metres between themselves and other players on course who are not in their bubble.
  13. Shotgun or multiple tee starts should be avoided in order to stop the congregation of players.
  14. Driving ranges and other practice or warm up facilities must be set up to ensure minimum 2 metre distancing between players.  If driving ranges are used, appropriate ball and surface sterilising must take place.
  15. Equipment cannot be shared. If golf carts are to be used, they can only be used by people inside the same bubble.  Golf carts and trundlers must be completely cleaned and sterilised after each use.
  16. All pins must be removed from practice putting greens.
  17. All pins / flagsticks are to be removed from the course and we suggest the hole is cut in the centre of the green.  The cup should be slightly raised or placed upside down.
  18. All bunker rakes must be removed from the course.
  19. All drinking fountains, ball washers, shared sunscreen stations and on course toilets must be closed.
  20. Any staff who are on site should be provided with any appropriate personal protection equipment to ensure they can remain healthy and safe.  No physical interaction between any essential staff and players can occur.

Golf Club Days:

Womens 18 Hole Club Day – Tuesdays 9.15am
Womens 9 Hole Club Day – Thursdays 9.15am
Mens Club Day – Wednesdays 12.30pm
Men & Women Mixed Club Day – Saturday 12.30pm

For Pauanui Club results please click here.

2019 Golf Program:

Download the 2019 Golf Programme here.


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Presidents Pen, The 19th Hole October 2018

Hi All,
What a fabulous Ryder Cup staged in France last week.  If you haven’t got a Ryder cup on your bucket list you should now be keen, very keen.  I have never seen crowds like that supporting the players (countries), from the telecasting, the 7500 capacity stand at the first tee, the Nordic hand clap, the name chanting, and don’t forget the high standard of golf, especially from the Europeans, who were up against 12 players ranked in the world 21 from the states. “Moliwood ” was unforgettable.  Who would have thought the rookies and the supposedly out of form players would play so well, securing the cup for the Europeans.  The Captains pick for the Europeans worked.  Poulter and Garcia and of course, Fleetwood, all came through with the goods, and the American’s captains pick didn’t fire a shot.  Whistleling Straits in Wisconsin 2020.  Put it on your bucket list!

The club champs are all ready to go this weekend, draws are done, I wish all the players good luck, play in the spirit of the game and enjoy yourselves.  Please remember, if you put your name up to play ,we expect you to play, we realise circumstances change from time to time, however giving us notice of your intensions will enable us to inform the other players in good time.  We have had good spring growth, so the grass in the rough areas may be a little long.  We are doing our best to ensure a good test of golf come Saturday/ Sunday.  The greens have been renovated in the last month, double cutting this week and rolling will see a slick surface.
Ken and his trusty helpers have been hard at it, completing paths, cleaning up after the tree stump grinder did his job.

We are in the process of doing levels of the creek crossing our Lakes course, in view of piping the creek, so please do not mistake these pegs for “OB” stakes.  In conjunction with TCDC’s Ian Smith, and Andy Bolton, this project hopefully will come to fruition next year.

We have submitted a work plan and budget for course improvements to management, with large tree felling atop of the list.  Hopefully the board will see that we need to keep moving on our course improvements, so to be able to present the best possible product for our members and visitors.  The working bees have been successful, long may it continue, we could always use more members, so don’t be shy.  The work is easy.

Its good sportsmanship to not pick up lost golf balls while they are still rolling.

A golf course is the epitome of all that is purely transitory in the universe, a space not to dwell in, but to get over as quickly as possible.

A Ryder cup question.  The 1937 match won 8:4 by the US.  Played in England.  Had two players who played in the 1947 Cup, Match won by the US 11:1.  Who were they?  One of them didn’t play in the singles match.  Who was it? How many players from the England team played in both matches?  Put in your calendar Monday 29th, Waikato vets open tournament at Pauanui.

Good golfing, President Doug.

P.S. The Golf Shop has the coffee machine back and also has installed a Pie Warmer so Hot Snacks and Good coffee are available.