Menz Shed

Our Shed is open every Tuesday morning from 0900 to 1200 hours with sheddies having open access to suit their needs. New members are welcome.

The Menz Shed brings men together to share their skills, have a natter and laugh over a tasteful morning tea and work on practical tasks for themselves or as a team project.
Sheddies from throughout the movement are more than welcome to visit, morning tea is usually on at 10am, come, drop in, we’re a friendly lot.

Our Menz Shed was established after an inaugural meeting of like minded men in December 2012.  Incorporated in 2013 with a membership of 12 sheddies, we have grown in 5 years to over 45 at the last count.  During that time sheddies have come from all walks of life and have helped us outgrow our original premises, tripping over each other and using machinery just doesn’t mix.  Timber stored outside and gifts of equipment unusable due to lack of space.

Activities to date have principally related to the establishment of the Shed having relocated into the ex-Annex, the refurbishment thereof to make it compliant in all respects, and to do some improvements which has included a mezzanine floor, expanded kitchen and machinery set up.  A vegetable garden has been established for supply of fresh vege’s for the “sheddies”.
We continue to make outside seats and vermin traps for private purchase and the Pauanui/Tairua trail.
Another activity is the manufacture of smaller wooden items such as cheese and chopping boards, serving boards, spatulas, bird feeders, ornaments and anything else a sheddie might decide to construct.