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Presidents Message – August 2021

Good morning to all our members.
We will be looking forward to opening the doors from lockdown and seeing you as soon as possible.
A week ago, the realization of Covid being a threat to our country and the impact on everyone’s lives took away any complacency that most of us were experiencing.  Contact tracing has been essential in locating contacts and locations.  Therefore, it is essential that all our members use their NZ Covid Tracer when entering the Club and also swiping their membership cards.  As you know I am on the door at the Club regularly and I have had some resistance from members to comply.  With this Covid outbreak it has highlighted the necessity for this to happen.
There is a lot of planning and organizing for events, functions and everyday operations at the Club and I thank the Management and staff for their diligence in making decisions over the next few weeks regarding all the systems that will need to be put in place for your safety and best interests.
While we are in lockdown the Greenkeepers have been able to maintain the golf courses and bowling greens to a minimal standard as there has been a tremendous amount of work done over the past few months and I would hate to see the grounds going backwards.
When I heard the Coromandel was a location of interest it occurred to me that we dodged a bullet.  This could have easily been Pauanui and our community that was visited and our Club that was affected.
I hope the lockdown won’t be for long and look forward to seeing you all back at the Club in the near future.  Stay safe and well.
Bev Douglas
President – Pauanui Sports and Recreation Club

Presidents Message –  June 2021

I must admit, the first six months of the year have flown by, and it has been great to welcome our members and be introduced to many new faces who are enjoying the Club activities.  It is pleasing to see that several new property purchasers have taken up membership.  It has been a pleasure to meet you and with lots of events planned over the next few months there will be plenty of activity.
All the local groups are well underway and have indicated growth in their membership.  There are activities and events at the Club most days of the week.
Golf and Bowls: The golf courses including the greens are in a much better state than they were a few months ago.  A big thankyou to the volunteers and Jack Zimmerman (Greenkeeper) who has taken on a leadership role.  Brent Clark has also joined the team as assistant greenkeeper.  Some hard decisions were made around Easter when we had to close the Pines Course but we can see the results of that interruption now.  The Bowling Club have had an extraordinarily successful year and are now in preparation mode for the upcoming season.  Both groups have strong leadership and committees with excellent volunteers that are delivering successful Clubs.
The Menz Shed have been busy assisting the Club by revamping the McKenzie Garden (airfield side of Mini Putt) which will look good when finished.  Some of the older trees have been removed to make way for new planting in the future.
Events and Activities: The Management and staff have worked hard to provide different activities for all to enjoy.  A huge thank you to the team for introducing the Sunday Markets which are held on the 2nd Sunday of the month and are proving popular.  Members look forward to the regular Wine Club evenings and tickets sell quickly. Bingo nights over the holiday times are a highlight for the family groups.  At present planning for future events are underway.  These will include:
• more of the above,
• the Beer & Gin Festival,
• Elton John/Beatles night,
• Charity Luncheon,
• Summer Series; and of course
• our 50th anniversary celebrations for January 2022.
So, as you can see there is a lot happening.
Restaurant: Trevor and his staff have had some huge Friday nights and from all accounts everyone has been enjoying their meals.  We always welcome feedback so feel free to let us know about your experience at the Club.  Thursday and Friday nights are immensely popular and thanks to those volunteers who are there weekly to assist with raffle sales.
Golf Shop Café: Another initiative that we have introduced has grown in popularity throughout the year.  Jo and her team are providing excellent coffees and treats not only for golfers but people out and about.
Mini Putt: has had a resurgence of activity since the upgrade.  The mini putt ladies do a great job and have heard many stories from children whose Parents and Grandparents played mini putt when they were here in the early years.
The Motorhome parking at the Club has become extremely popular.  Word of mouth advertising has meant larger groups are now visiting Pauanui and enjoying the Club facilities as well as enjoying Pauanui and what it has to offer.
We promised action on an Alfresco area on the Eastern side of the Club this year.  The board have been working in the background on this project and I am pleased to report that we have been negotiating the sale of the portion of the land currently leased to the Pre School.  We are in the process of subdividing that portion from the Tennis Court land. The Preschool will have the security of tenure that they require for the future and the Club will be able to proceed with the Alfresco area.  The intention is to have this project completed by Christmas.

Business Performance for the First Half Ended 31st March 2021

There is a lot happening thanks to all those involved, Management and staff, sponsors, volunteers, and individuals within the various groups.  The Club is certainly standing by its Vision of being the heart of the Membership and the Community.

Beverley Douglas
Pauanui Sports and Recreation Club.


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