Wine Club

The Wine Club usually meets on the last Sunday of every second month at the Pauanui Sports & Recreation Club (PS&RC) at 6 p.m.
Subs are $10 per person annually (from 1st April) and you MUST be a paid member of the PS&RC prior to joining the Wine Club.  Most members pay their subs on the first attendance at a wine club function / meeting.  Anyone wishing to join who is not already a Wine Club member can phone Gary Smith.  As above you can only join if you are a PS&RC member.
We hold a dinner / wine tasting in the Northern Lounge of the Club at 6 p.m., usually on the last Sunday of every 2nd month, i.e. Feb – Apr – Jun – Aug – Oct and a day-time bus trip away in early December.

Dinner, including wine tasting, is $30 per person for members.  Members are able to invite non-members along to a dinner and tasting at a cost of $40 per person.  Tickets can be paid for at the Club Bar prior to dinner once the tickets are ready.  These tickets are limited to 50 due to the size of the room this allows the wine pourers to circulate around the tables easily.
Different wineries each time present their wines, usually about 5 wines are tasted.
The Chef provides a two course meal in a 50/50 drop (e.g. perhaps 4 chicken and 4 fish meals per 8 seat table).
Each December we have a bus trip to a winery (about a 2-3 hour drive away).  Usually by this time we have enough money saved to pay for the bus so only the cost of the meal will be charged.