Pauanui is blessed with natural beauty and a strong sense of community.  It remains a key location for many New Zealanders to live and visit.

The Pauanui Club Inc. was established in 1972 and was later renamed The Pauanui Sports & Recreation Club (Inc.).
In 1970 a meeting was held and after much deliberation the idea of one all-embracing Club eventuated.  The Community and property owners were involved in these first meetings with the aim to gain an indication of the feelings of property owners towards the formation of a Club, catering for all activities both sporting and social, all ages and sexes.  The gathering was unanimous and on 2nd January 1972 approximately 150 section owners met and agreed on the formation of the Club at Pauanui.  Originally only Pauanui Property Owners could become members of the Pauanui Club, if members chose to sell their property they also had to relinquish their membership.  The Membership entry fee was paid to the Club by Pauanui Ocean Beach Resort Ltd on the purchase of property in Pauanui.  Property owners then only had to pay the annual subscription to stay members.  The Pauanui Club lounge was officially opened on Boxing Day in December 1973.
The founders of the Pauanui Club had a vision and a passion for the Pauanui Community and their mission statement was to provide Pauanui with a sporting and recreation facility that all families could enjoy.

In 1974 the Mini Putt was built followed by the Bowls pavilion in 1975, then in 1977 the Pines Golf Course was established.  In 1984 the Tennis Courts on Sheppard Avenue were opened along with the Lakes Golf Course, which were leased to the Club (this has since been purchased by the Club).
Sub club groups started to grow in popularity.  By 1990 there were regular monthly meetings for the Garden Club, Arts Group and Mah Jong which are still going today, along with many other sub club groups including: Bridge Club, Bolivia, Scottish Country Dancing, Senior Net, Walking Group, Focus Pauanui (previously Probus), Indoor & Outdoor Bowls and Golf.  Please see Sub Club / Groups in the menu for more information on these groups.

Every summer since 1970 the Pauanui Club brings you the Pauanui Summer Series, which provides families with many fun events over the summer period.  See more on the Pauanui Summer Series here.

Dowload the Pauanui Clubs Constitution here.

**Dates and historical information taken from “Hopper, I. B, P. Clark & J. McDougall. Pauanui Sports and Recreation Club (Inc.) Thirty Year History (1972-2002)”